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Standing for a Healthier Workstation


August 7, 2012 Design Focus, Ergonomics

Above: A small part of a great info graphic that lays it all out, see here for the original image.

There is a growing body of evidence pointing to health risks associated with sitting at work all day. From university studies that correlate sitting at work with an early death to blog articles on how to convince your boss to let you try a sit-to-stand solution, there’s been a groundswell of interest on this aspect of a healthy workstation.

Western has solutions that address this health risk, from a simple retrofit of monitor arms and lifting keyboard trays to motorized desks that lift to preset heights at the touch of a button AND fit seamlessly into your workstation. We are intimately familiar with over a dozen manufacturers that supply the best products in this space, so we can design an exact solution customized to your existing space, project requirements and budget constraints.

Among the many solutions we offer are these on display in our Rancho Cordova showroom:

WOW Workstation
Spec Page

Sierra HX
Spec Page

Planes HA
Spec Page

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“Companies Take a Stand Against Sitting” – SFGate
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“Sitting All Day: Worse For You Than You Might Think” – NPR
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Embracing Workplace Change

Embracing Workplace Change

June 26, 2012 Design Focus, Haworth

The nature of work is changing out from beneath our feet. Workers are asking for telecommuting privileges, collaborative environments and a flexible work day. The workforce itself is changing with Generation X coming of age as decision-makers, while Net Geners have grown up customizing everything around them and bringing their own technology into the workplace.

What are the economic, societal and productivity costs associated with change? What are the design ramifications? Haworth has spent almost a decade worrying about the evolution of the work environment, and has created strategies and products to build spaces that address these new expectations.

Read about their strategies here.

NeoCon 2012: Haworth Wins Multiple Awards

Haworth Showroom IIDA award

June 12, 2012 Awards, Design Focus, Haworth

Haworth takes home the IIDA “Best Large Showroom” award at NeoCon (MLive article here) With a glass and fire pit in the middle of their 3rd floor Merchandise Mart showroom, the calming space features a custom cement chaise and concrete coffee table with red leather chairs from the Haworth Collection.

Also announced at this year’s NeoCon is the Lively chair family. Available as a side chair and a task chair, the Lively chair incorporates design elements and ergonomic research from the Very and Zody seating families in a price-competitive offering.

Occupying space on the eighth floor of the Merchandise Mart, Haworth Healthcare Environments is the melding of last year’s Legacy Healthcare Furniture with Haworth’s Integrated Palette to create places where people feel better, work better, and thrive.

In addition to the IIDA showroom award, Haworth has captured the following NeoCon product awards: Lively – Gold in the Seating category, Planes Training Table – Gold in the Training & Work category, workware – Gold in the Technology Support category, and Belong – Silver in the Office Accessories category. See the winners here. Learn more about the Haworth spaces at NeoCon here.

NeoCon 2012: Wieland sleepToo Sofa


June 11, 2012 Design Focus, Haworth

Evidence-based design research shows that patient outcomes improve with the presence of family members during recovery. Debuting at NeoCon this year, the sleepToo sofa gives patient rooms a “virtual family room”. A sleeper. A recliner. A comfy table for two. All in a single piece of furniture occupying 20 square feet.

sleepToo Overview

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