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First introduced at NeoCon 2012 and awarded Best of NeoCon Gold for technology support, Haworth and Western Contract are pleased to announce the launch of workware, a new family of products that support technology in the workplace and enhance the way we collaborate and use information.

Connecting in real-time, creating and sharing information digitally – this is the way we work today and workware is a tool that gives users the freedom to connect, share and create, simply and securely. workware products are grouped in two categories: workware connect and workware view.



Haworth workware connect helps users view and share content, as well as connect with others using a digital interface. These products provide power and data connections in a variety of configurations and finishes, coupled with a unique sliding access door. workware can be integrated into informal café settings, open plan workspaces, project rooms, conference rooms and learning environments. workware connect provides scalable solutions for wired and wireless environments.

Workware connect provides four types of user connectivity to monitor displays: conventional cable, cables with touch-pad switching, wireless switching with cable backup and pure wireless. Wireless switching also provides “quad-view,” allowing up to four users to share a monitor display at the same time.

Workware connect enables spontaneous and hassle-free access for multiple users. Fully digital and self-configuring to all monitors, laptops, tablets and cables, workware view is offered as:

  • Basic power and data ports.
  • Power with VGA or HDMI cables and conference phone cable port.
  • Power with VGA or HDMI cables, glass touch-pad control and conference phone cable port.

These options can be used individually or combined with cable and wireless switching.



workware view provides monitor supports that integrate with a variety of workspaces through table mounts, wall mounts and monitor arms. The details and functionality address design-driven conference, collaboration and private-office applications throughout a facility. Haworth workware view monitor mounts accommodate single or dual monitors on tables, Enclose® walls or drywall. The mount for Haworth’s Planes® and Reside® tables can be applied without damaging the surface.

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