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Change is coming to the workplace, and for a variety of reasons. The aging of the workforce, and the new leadership of Generation X. The incredible shrinking workstation. The accelerating pace of change in portable technologies, and the need to support an increasingly mobile work style. Close team collaboration as an imperative, not as an option.

Haworth recognized the beginnings of these trends back in 2004, and has put in place a strategy and products designed to address the changing nature of work.


Integrated Palette

Integrated Palette is a group of Haworth product lines designed to fit together visually, technologically, and functionally. Industry-standard power integration, a clean modern aesthetic and a thought-through design strategy that makes for easy reconfigurations are hallmarks of this group, which include Reside desking, Beside storage, Belong accessories, Enclose movable walls, Patterns architectural systems and Compose panel systems.

NOT built into the Integrated Palette is the notion of planned obsolescence. A key Haworth strategy is the “Seven Design Logics”: to design future products and finishes to be compatible with existing lines in Integrated Palette. Improve your workspace today with elements from Integrated Palette, and be ready for growth in the future. Design is easier when the capacity for change has been built into the product.

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Reside Desking, Beside Storage, Belong Accessories

Reside desking, Beside storage, and Belong accessories are the latest editions to the Integrated Palette’s kit of parts. Created in response to Haworth’s workplace research, these products address the collaboration, personalization and technological aspects of the evolving work force with strong clean lines, layout flexibility, power distribution, and a high degree of customizability.

View Reside, Beside and Belong brochures, videos, white papers and more from the links to the right.

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Trends and Drivers

Many years of independent research has informed Haworth’s design direction for all its products. Learn how this knowledge is guiding Haworth’s thinking by browsing through this selection of white papers Haworth has made available – much more here.

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