In more than 50 years of business, Western Contract has had the opportunity to work with many well-respected manufacturers in the furniture industry. Our history and close ties with over 400 vendors allows us to specify products for your project with the confidence that you will get the best value, performance and functionality possible. Our participation in the Office Furniture USA franchise allows fast access to many of those furniture lines at highly advantageous pricing, with over 4,500 furniture items available in three weeks.

Western represents this select group of manufacturers to give you the luxury of choice. One manufacturer will have their own R&D department and their own idea of the ideal space. Our manufacturers will often have diverse views on industry topics, and often create specialized furniture for specific tasks. From laboratories to lunchrooms, lecture halls to libraries, we will have the exact offering to match your specifications.

In this era of shrinking budgets, it makes strategic sense to engineer your interior to fit within fiscal as well as functional and aesthetic constraints. Other suppliers with a limited catalog may well find it difficult to trim costs without sacrificing your project’s integrity. You will always have the freedom of choice with Western Contract.




Of the over 400 manufacturers we represent, Haworth stands apart by supplying the complete package of office and systems furniture, seating, raised flooring and movable wall systems for an integrated solution that is designed to adapt to your business cycle.

Haworth has aligned with emerging designers from around the world for fresh ideas that are highly evolved and future-focused — Haworth products regularly win design awards at their yearly introduction . Their Ideation team is an internal group of scientists that help organizations integrate the physical environment with a business’s culture, work styles and forward-looking strategies.

The largest privately-held manufacturer of office furniture in the world, Haworth has operations in 120+ countries and 24 manufacturing facilities worldwide, so Haworth can promise local representation and local manufacturing regardless of the scope of your company. Haworth leads the furniture industry in sustainability with zero waste-to-landfill status for its US, Asia Pacific and Indian manufacturing plants as well as their global headquarters in Michigan.

With the acquisition of Legacy Furniture Group in 2011, Haworth extends its reach into the exam room — Legacy is particularly well respected for design, craftsmanship and quality of its furniture in the healthcare field.


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Healthcare Furnishings

Healthcare facilities come in all shapes and sizes, but all are about creating a supportive environment where patients can feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues with providers and family; where staff stress and distractions are reduced while efficiency and concentration levels increase. Planning these facilities uses proven methods and creative solutions to improve the health and safety of patients and staff, support workflow, and manage costs.

Our healthcare unit represents decades of experience building healthcare projects of every size and description throughout California, many from the ground up. You can rely on our familiarity with the functional requirements of the medical professionals as well as the strict regulations surrounding healthcare facility design. And with a dedicated 6,000 SF healthcare showroom and finishes library, you can examine specialized products up close, not as images in a catalog.

When you combine the in-house knowledge of our healthcare team with all the other resources Western Contract can bring to bear on your project, you will end with exactly the interior you envision.


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Furniture for Education

The challenge for education is to enhance learning while serving students of all ages and backgrounds. Increased demand for education is occurring at the same time budgets are being reduced.

You can save time and resources with several competitively-awarded contracts that simplify the selection process. Western Contract has carefully evaluated our manufacturers and products and provide value-added services to create a turnkey solution for you. One call to one person is all it takes to set things in motion — and we’ll provide whatever is needed with a single invoice.

As a leader in the design of educational spaces, Western Contract uses its extensive knowledge of over 400 manufacturers to offer furnishings that enrich interiors while managing costs. The result will be engaging, effective spaces for study — just right for your diverse student body.


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Lobbies, Lounges and Circulation Areas

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Welcome your guests with a lobby that’s comfortable, attractive and functional. From the reception desk to lounge seating and lighting design, Western Contract can create spaces with lasting impact and grace.

Above: Haworth’s Relaxation Lounge at NeoCon 2012

More on Haworth at NeoCon 2012 here.


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Meeting Rooms and Training Areas

A meeting room should facilitate communication. At Western Contract, you will find furnishings for every need. Flexible and comfortable training tables for employee education. Finely-crafted boardroom tables that confer style and elegance. With a wide variety of surface choices, edge details, base styles and functional features to choose from, our meeting room collection invites you to customize as you see fit.


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Common Area Furnishings

It’s a truism that for most organizations, meetings in a casual environment are often more productive than those occurring in a meeting room. For common areas where people wait, eat and think, Western Contract offers solutions of uncommon value and performance. If your mind works throughout the day, take care of your body too with the same carefully-considered ergonomics everywhere in your organization.


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Open Plan

As your business grows and changes, our pre-wired modular furniture systems make it easy and inexpensive to adapt. Whether you prefer the order and density of a grid or the freshness of a more organic arrangement, we can provide a complete and cohesive space that easily adapts to your specific needs.


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Private Offices

The sleek executive desk is the centerpiece of any private office. And the right choice of complementary casegoods will further enhance the style and functionality of the office. Come see our readily integrated lines of office desks, credenzas, seating, pedestals, and file cabinets, all designed for style, functionality and durability.


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Flexible Space Planning

Are you ready for a change? Western Contract offers moveable walls that not only allow great flexibility but also look great. Able to incorporate everything from electrical cabling to plumbing, these walls come in a variety of attractive finishes suitable for spaces as varied as a mailroom or an executive boardroom.

Another strategy for a rapidly evolving workplace is a raised floor system. Access floors provide enormous benefits. Not only do they greatly simplify wiring reconfiguration, they also lay the groundwork for cleaner and more efficient HVAC systems that ventilate from the ground up.


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Sustainable Interiors

Being green means different things to different people. To a building occupant, green may mean better access to natural light and materials that don’t emit harmful vapors. To a building owner, green may mean efficient heating and cooling systems. To an architect, it may mean earning points toward a LEED certification.

Western Contract and Haworth are committed to environmental design and organic workspaces. Our strategy for sustainability includes cradle-to-cradle manufacturing which employs natural materials and non-toxic, non-harmful synthetic materials. The result is a system that is not just efficient but essentially waste-free. Most Haworth products are made of recycled and recyclable materials, and they can be easily refurbished for extended life. Western Contract is proud to be part of this bold environmental solution.

The Very seating family is a perfect example of Haworth’s forward-thinking strategies. By incorporating materials science and work style knowledge, Very chairs support their users through a ergonomically-correct intuitive recline. But also designed into the Very chair is a 15-minute disassembly process for Haworth’s Take Back program at the end of the chairs’ life. Very seating achieves BFMA level 2 and GREENGUARD Children and Schools certification as well as Gold and Silver Cradle to Cradle certifications by MBDC. The Very task chair leads the industry with up to 65% recycled content and is up to 98% recyclable.


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Ergonomic Solutions

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with designing to optimize human well-being and overall system performance. Ergonomically designed keyboard trays, chairs and workstations can dramatically enhance employee safety and productivity.

An excellent example of ergonomic design is the Zody chair – the first chair endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association. Its design is based on over two years of original research by Haworth, for whom we are a preferred dealer. The superior design of the Zody chair has received numerous accolades: Silver Best of NeoCon, Gold Product Award at NeoCon Canada IIDEX, Gold Cradle-to-Cradle Product Certification from MBDC, and the 2005 Good Design Award.


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The Future of Work

The nature of of the workplace is changing out from under our feet. Worker age demographics are shifting dramatically, wireless information devices with long battery life are everywhere, and closely-collaborating teams have become the norm.

Haworth has spent years researching the technical, social and economic forces driving these changes, culminating in the Reside desking, Beside storage, and Belong accessory product lines. Privacy screens that block distraction but encourage interaction. Desks appropriate for “drop-and-work” efficiency. Shared storage that also acts as space dividers. All wrapped in a sharp, clean aesthetic. Designed as part of Haworth’s Integrated Palette, the products seamlessly integrate and easily expand as the space plan changes.


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