CalSTRS, West Sacramento

CalSTRS:  Feather River meeting room

Thirteen floors of LEED Gold Interiors

The new headquarters building for the California State Teachers’ Retirement System has impressive credentials: 409,000 SF in 13 floors, 1,200 workstations, 84 private offices, and the entire space created to LEED Gold certification standards.

At the Haworth showroom in San Francisco, the CalSTRS steering committee and the HOK design team saw what they were looking for in Premise workstations with Moxie screens. The Moxie screens mirrored the waterborne motif of the exterior and afforded the user additional privacy and sound control. Alternative seating orientations and the use of benches instead of guest chairs created an informal, inviting space.

A six-person Western Contract team worked closely with the CalSTRS steering committee and the architect, holding weekly meetings over the course of six months to review styles, materials and finishes for aesthetic alignment, contribution to sustainability, and budget-friendliness.

Working with our Haworth representative and Western Contract, CalSTRS was able to achieve the exact aesthetic we desired at the right price, without compromising quality. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

— Lisa Blatnick, Director, Facilities Management, CalSTRS


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