Constellation Wines, St. Helena

Custom Lobby

A 13,000 sf renovation in the heart of Napa Wine Country

Western Contract worked closely with a team of general contractors, architects and the owners on renovating a 13,000 SF retail space to house executives and staff from two previous offices, some 60 people responsible for marketing the seven wineries that make up the corporate family. That meant a space suitable for entertaining clients and space equipped for teleconferencing with the firm’s wineries in Chile and Australia.

Our design and project management team was in constant communication with all the stakeholders throughout every stage of the project. This collaborative effort was crucial in completing a very elaborate space plan without incurring cost overruns.

The team’s choice of finishes played a key role in defining a relaxed aesthetic appropriate to the California wine country: wood and light earth tones warm the industrial space. The Haworth Premise wood stack panel system allowed the designers to complement the overall level of richness and comfort.

Haworth AI “barn doors” extended the warmth of real wood into the hallways and offered glass options to further disperse natural and artificial light. These sliding doors replaced traditional swing-out doors to conserve valuable office space and give the hallway a clean contemporary look.


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