As Sacramento’s premier office furnishings, healthcare and workspace design firm, with decades of experience, our goal is to provide excellent customer service through our sustainable, forward-thinking design philosophy and core company values.

We help your organization grow by:

  • Providing your employees with a high performing workspace that improves their effectiveness
  • Flexible furnishings and design to easily accommodate changes in the future of your business
  • Design that accurately reflects and enhances your organization’s culture, brand and values

We offer a mix of design strategy, products and services geared to providing versatile workspace interiors that improve your organization’s productivity. Our network of over 300 furnishings and workspace system manufacturers allows our designers to deliver a space plan customized to your exact needs and price points.

We understand that building your workspace interior is an investment for your future. Let us create a truly fluid environment that looks great and fits your budget while realizing your vision without compromises.

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