Dr. Amy Woo, DDS, Sacramento

A dental office as comfortable as a residence.

Dr. Woo’s dental practice had grown so much that the original 1,400 sf office needed to morph into a 5,600 sf “state of the art” facility while incorporating a neighboring site on the historical registry. Our design was driven by the need to maintain the integrity of the original historical structure or reproduce parts of it as a secondary entry. The three year project required demolition, renovation and new construction around the existing office while Dr. Woo continued her practice.

We designed a grand entry into the new space with a barrel ceiling, which allowed hanging chandeliers to illuminate the high entrance. The space also included granite counters, inlaid terrazzo floors and two wrought iron and glass doors that created a truly distinctive entrance. Parts of the historical preservation were converted to private offices and a bathroom. 4 of the 10 operatories were also built into the renovated space. A fireplace was added and then integrated into a curved ceiling. Sloping ceilings were created to effect a smooth transition from a 10’ tall hall to the 8’ historical ceilings of the operatories.

Western Contract worked closely with practically all the suppliers and trades on this project, beginning with the architects in the design concept, the millworkers for the custom casework, lighting manufacturers and consultants, artisans for artwork, glass, plants, tile design, and design of the children’s waiting area. We specified every faucet and sink, the height and shape of arches and moldings, the decorative iron fence and the surrounding landscaping.

In the end, we succeeded in blending the old structure with the new in keeping within the guidelines of the historical register. And after three years of construction dust, we gave our client a comfortable, professional space she would be proud of.