Mid Peninsula Periodontics, Los Altos

Practicing Periodontics in a Historic Landmark

Mark Beckstead had become enamored with a two story Spanish building in downtown Los Altos and he wanted to purchase it, renovate it, and move his dental practice, Mid-Peninsula Periodontics, into it.

Due to the site’s historical significance – the home of one of Los Alto’s first families once stood here – only a building resembling the former residence could be built on it, complete with historical signage and other architectural constraints.

In this shell Dr. Beckstead would occupy the top floor and the first floor tenant would be a local bank. Western Contract would work closely with the project architects to provide the space planning for both businesses and provide the refined interiors.

Programming for two different businesses in the limited space proved to be uniquely challenging; for example, the team found room for a security system and the bank’s vault between the stairway and the elevator with inches to spare, but this solution made moving most of the mechanical conveyances to the building’s attic necessary. Every piece of the building fits and works like parts in a Swiss watch.

The interior design incorporated an eclectic mix of materials including granite, copper, exotic woods and metals, and relied on using these materials and relaxing color palettes consistently throughout the project to tie the spaces together. A centerpiece in the design is an iron-and-wood staircase that would be custom built to exactly fit the confines of the space and unifies both floors with the iron-and-glass doors and architectural details of the exterior. We placed comfortable overstuffed seating among Mexican furniture and traditional lighting fixtures, creating spaces with a restrained elegance, quietly comfortable without a trace of pretense.