Umpqua Bank, Sacramento

A traditional banker’s office, updated

Already having furnished several branches of this regional bank, Western Contract was chosen to build a corporate suite in One Capitol Mall.

The client wanted a “traditional banker’s office look”, but updated so that the interior was warmer and more inviting. The design needed to convey an impression of stability and permanence without ostentation — in short, the client wished for the welcoming comfort of our bank branch designs carried over for visitors to these corporate offices, but packing a visual punch. To this end all furniture in the lobby and reception area was custom-designed and hand-crafted.

A dramatic domed ceiling was designed to be built within the dropped ceiling system, its actual 6-inch depth magnified by the lighting design. Using full-height glass walls in the offices adjacent to the lobby prevents the monolithic look associated with reception areas in financial institutions.

Hints of prudent and successful management have been designed into practically every detail of the suite, from the money-themed custom fabric used in occasional seating to the banquette seating and refreshment center built under the view window of the corporate boardroom.